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Which combined pill is best for PCOS?


Hi Ladies,

I would like some advice please! I am currently on Yasmin which I have been taking for nearly a year. I recently had a health check at the GPs and my blood sugar level has gone up - its one point over the normal range (42). I don't have a sweet tooth and I don't at sweets or chocs (apart from the occassional bit of dark choc). I do excercise but not everyday.

I'm wondering if the pill could be the cause for increasing my blood sugar levels? Should I switch my pill to something else? Is Dianette the same as Yasmin? Should I try this or is there something else suitable for PCOS? Any advice is appreciated.


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No dont believe it would be the combined pill - have they tested you for insulin resistance as it is more likely that than the pill (I am on yasmin too)

Pam55 in reply to Hols969


Thanks for your reply.

I had my first NHS Health check because I've turned 40 recently. I asked the nurse to check if I am Insulin resistant she said it will show up on the blood sugar test and we'll know from the result.

Is the Insulin resistance test different to a blood test?

Do you know if Dianette is a good alternative to Yasmin? I've been getting loads of cramps in my legs particularly at night almost everyday from the last few months - I'm wondering if it has anything to do with the Yasmin?


Hols969 in reply to Pam55

Yes its a double blood test which they rarely offer they just say the HB whatever test checks it all but it doesnt show how your body responds to sugar.

Dianette is similar to yasmin so yes is a good alternative. I am 49 and still on yasmin, they do query me at each review but I say I am happy with the small risks of staying on it and being an 'old' bird as I would rather the pcos symptoms stayed at bay!!

Pam55 in reply to Hols969

Thanks for your reply.

I am seeing my doctor tomorrow, so I will ask but I won't hold my breath!

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