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Which pill is best?

Hi, new to this, was diagnosed with pcos in October. Have seen gynaecologist twice and has now decided that best treatment for my symptoms (mood swings, facial hair, hair loss) is the pill called ‘desogestrel’. I got the prescription from the doctors today but after looking online I’m not sure if this is the best one. Is anyone else on this pill and if so does it help with the symptoms? They are driving me mad! Especially facial hair, it’s so embarrassing and as much as people say they understand they can’t fully unless they have it! Has been nice to read others stories and know that I’m not on my own!


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Have a look a this thread on the old Verity discussion board. As long as it is combined pill it should help the pcos symptoms, if you take 3 months on the trot then it helps further (as long as you have a period every three months then it is fine).



Thank you very much had a read Andy the one the doctors put me on is on the list for the best ones. But haven’t had a period in nearly 2 years doctor said I won’t get one when taking this pill either however I have read that Italy is healthy to have a period even if it is forced?

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Which pill was it ? I know some pills can keep the lining thin but generally yes there can be issues if you have no periods as the lining gets too thick, which can have consequences.


It’s the mini pill called desogestrel, progestogen only pill today is the first day I’ve taken it. Wondering whether to go back and ask for one that will give me a period?


It should be a combined one for pcos unless their is some reason you cant take a combined one, as it will have a better affect on all the pcos symptoms, whereas the pop pill doesnt so much


Hi I know you posted this a while ago but I’m in a similar situation I switched from Lavest to Desogestrel about 6 months ago because of similar symptoms to which I’ve only found out also links to Pcos now! Always blamed my acne, fatigue and moods to the pill! If you have a recent update it would be really appreciated as I’m thinking of seeing a doctor xx


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