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I'm new here and feeling worried!


Hello all,

I am nearly 24 years old and was diagnosed with PCOS when I was 15. Since then I would have around 1-2 periods a year (if i wasn't on the pill etc).

Early in Feburary this year, i had excruciating stomach pains, lower back pains, heavily bloated, always needed a wee. I went to see my GP. She examined my pelvis and it as very painful. a Urine test confirmed i had an infection. an hour after i left the GP and went to the toilet i was horrified as i was literally streaming with blood following the pelvic exam. This heavy bleeding continued for a week. (as you can imagine i was freaked as i rarely have periods and if i do they're light!!) Went back to the GP and demanded an ultrasound to see what's going on. Both an internal and external was done and they just re-confirmed the cysts in my ovaries.

I had a period again last month, the same symptoms lead me to go back to the GP and she again confirmed i had an infection.

4 weeks later (today) and i am due to come on my period again!?! I have pains so it makes me think i have another infection coming on...

Is it strange that my symptoms, such as back, side and lower abdomen pain, heavy bloating, constantly needed a wee, feeling full up quicker and very heaving bleeding has stayed with me since February? .. could there be an underlying issue here?

I'd love to know your thoughts for anyone who has been through anything similar.

Thank you,


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Hello Melissa

I am much older then yourself, but over the years I have had very heavy bleeds. I believe that it is part of the hormonal imbalance, because PCOS screws this up completely. I have had heavy bleeds when I have had a gap between periods and no infections. It is always best to have it checked out though.

Make sure your iron levels aren't affected by the heavy bleeds as you can quickly find you are anaemic. The doctor should do a blood test.

Good luck

It isn't uncommon to have endometriosis along with pcos and pain generally is a symptom of endo rather than pcos. I would ask to be referred to an endocrinologist as pcos and endo is their area - look at the NICE guidelines prior to going back to your GP so you know what you can ask for/demand as they will sometimes try and fob you off as they are so strapped for cash!

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