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US scan and bloods


Hi All.

Just after some advice really. I went to GP following having irregular periods and facial hair growth. I was referred for an internal US and blood tests. The lady who carried out my scan said she could see no sign of an cyst's on my ovaries. I haven't had the results discussed with me just yet by the doctor. I have also had two lots of bloods carried out and both times the following result has come back as abnormal - sex hormone binding globulin.

The lack of cyst's on my internal scan has shocked me - anybody else experience this? If so what was the doctors final decision?


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The cysts are only a symptom and not the cause and can come and go so the name is misleading (they are discussing changing the name currently) - initially they thought it was the cysts that cause it but further research shows they are only a symptom and not everyone has them.

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