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I've just been referred to the infertility clinic and have my first appointment with them in 2 weeks. Can anyone enlighten me on what the process is and what to expect in regards to tests, treatments and timeframes?

I feel so restless as we've been TTC for about 1.5 years and feel like we don't stand much hope with my PCOS

Hope someone can advise!

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Just to say I'm in the same boat so would like to know also! I know we will need a hsg (me) and sperm analysis (him) then hopefully clomid but don't know timescales. Already on metformin which gave me my first natural period in over a year recently! X

AK89 in reply to FakeHappy

Hope you get a bit more clarity from your GP than I have!

FakeHappy in reply to AK89

Have our first fertility appointment in 10 days 😀 not sure what to expect but excited to get started. X

It is really rare not to conceive just because of pcos so don't lose hope.

Usually they start from the beginning so blood tests will probably be done and sperm tests (1/3 of fertility issues are men so don't presume it is you that is the issue). In my view the next step should be to have your tubes checked (and perhaps cysts zapped via a laparoscopy) and then be given clomid which is a fertility drug (there is a time limit on clomid though so if your tubes are blocked then it will be a waste of it).

What are your periods like and what is your BMI ? A period doesn't mean you are ovulating and you can ovulate without one too so don't focus too much on your periods as they actually don't mean that much (I was relatively regular but rarely ovulated). Fertilityfriends website is good to see the body signs of ovulation and how to take your temperature to see if you are actually ovulating (we tend to ovulate later than the norm so often blood tests taken by the GP will come back negative as they do it too early).

There is loads of help so try not to worry too much as you will get there in the end.

AK89 in reply to Hols969

Thank you so much for your reply - I feel so anxious

My periods were quite regular as soon as I stopped the Pill, but recently they've become sporadic and last for longer than the usual 4-5days.

My BMI is currently at 30 - will this cause any issues/delays at the clinic? It used to be at 25, but since coming off the Pill I have ballooned out and nothing seems to control my weight!

I have read up on these basal thermometers - are these more accurate than the ovulation testing kits? If so - any recommendations? I have just downloaded the fertility friend app and Natural Cycles app (a friend told me that Natural Cycles clearly tells you when you are ovulating etc)

In regards to the blood tests/treatments etc do you know how long this usually takes to get to the stage of taking clomid etc? I'm just really conscious of the time we've already wasted as our GP wasn't particularly helpful

I've just had a call from the hospital saying that the consultant has cancelled our fertility appointment as our GP needs to give me a smear test first. Not sure how long this is going to delay things further!

Ovulation kits don't work for us so does need to be basal thermometers as it is the only accurate way with pcos. I was the same weight wise when I came off the pill too when TTC - put on 3 stone in the end (took 3 years to conceive). BMI of 30 should be ok (mine was 30.6 when I conceived Noah).

Not sure why you would need a smear before going to fertility!! It all seems to depend on your age to a degree as to how long it takes - I was 33 when I started TTC, had to try for 6 months, then was referred ti have my tubes checked and cysts zapped, then had to try for a further 6 months (as the cysts being zapped can help), then clomid, then finally I had IUI and conceived 2nd attempt. It was quite a depressing time but Noah was worth it in the end, he is 12 now, we only have the one as I couldn't do it all again as it was hell.

I now have the patience of a saint BTW !! It is a frustrating time but just get your body in the best possible condition and your partner too as it will help.

lizimc in reply to Hols969

basic protocol re smears - up to date on routine stuff, shouldn't take too long - book with nurse and ask her to see if secretary can forward results asap - they're often quite strict about everything in date before they see you - saves time really - smear results take about 14 days to come back xx

Hols969 in reply to lizimc

I never had a smear before but perhaps I was up to date on them.

lizimc in reply to Hols969

Probably, they won’t do additional smears (not national policy) but will want a result from one in the previous 3 years if you’re 24-50 xx

Hols969 in reply to lizimc

mine must have been within the 3 years as 33 when I was TTC!

Hi thanks for posting this as it’s been helpful for me to! Been TTC for a year and waiting for referral to fertility clinic. Annoyingly mines been delayed due to husband in the we don’t live on base we’re having to wait for things to be done by each of our doctors and then try to get them communicating!

I came off the pill and only had 3 periods in a year. My BMI is 21 and I’m generally pretty health conscious.

I’ve tried ovulation kits and temping with natural cycles but haven’t been able to pin point ovulation, partly because I just kept giving up! And possibly because I could not be ovulating at all.

I’ve debated going private as I just want some answers. I’ve had to really push for blood tests etc...feel like if I didn’t keep asking nothing would of happened and even more time would of been wasted. So if just advise keep pushing and question the doctors...I’ve found if you don’t ask you don’t get!

Can completely relate to feeling anxious, it’s not a nice situation to be in and you feel like you just can’t get it off your mind. I’ve now just tried to focus on being as relaxed and healthy as possible and keep the pressure off as much as I can. Booking things to look forward to etc. Personal wellness is also a big part of my job so trying to remind myself to appreciate and focus on the small things and take things step by step...easier said than done though x

I went to the fertility clinic in September last year. I’d already had a ultrasound and internal scan done before my appointment through my gp and I’d had blood tests done to check my hormone levels at various times as I wasn’t having periods at all.

The first visit I had was just the dr chatting about health history of me and my husband. She put me on provera and clomid at that appointment and asked my husband to make an appointment and do a sperm analysis. So I would think you could potentially come away with medication.

My second appointment was just a check in after having a 21 day blood test. I must have ovulated late as my 21 blood day test showed I hadn’t ovulated but I did later in my cycle.

This time around the dr is leaving me to it for a couple of cycles as she doesn’t want to do blood tests as my cycles are still erratic even on clomid.

I don’t temp as I tend to wake up in the night so can’t get a reliable temp.

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