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Laparoscopy opinions


I have finally gotten the doctors to take me seriously about my suspected endometriosis and they have offered me a laparoscopy to check. However, the Doctor said he wasn't too keen on offering it to me as the chance of getting a conclusive result is slim and I am currently already on the contraceptive pill, which he has said is the only "cure". He has told me to go away and weigh up the risks with the procedure and what I actually want to achieve by have the laparoscopy. I just simply want to ask for all your advice and opinions because I stopped trusting "specialists" a long time ago and just started listening to the women that actually suffer!


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I personally would ask on the endo forum on here, as far as I am aware it is the only way to check if you have endo.

Talking pcos then the combined pill is one way to help but if he is talking endo then it isn't the only option as far as I know but I am no expert in endo.


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