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My gaeny appointment

So I've been to see the gaenocologist. And he's was just as confused by my last scan as my doctors and hasn't really got much to go on apparently.

He didn't ask about my symptoms. Just what contraceptive pills I've been on whether they helped when I had my periods and was the pain I get happen when I have my periods.

After discussing this said about an examination. And that he was going to do some swabs. So I'm up on the table and he's says I'm just going to take a swab of your womb and I'm sat there thinking how, and then see what he's using and I'm thinking in my head f*** this is going to hurt. And it did.

Has anyone else had to have a swab of their womb because neither me or my mum knew they could do things like that.

So after the swabs sat and discussed what was going to happen next. Said he was sending me for a specific blood test and in the hope of finding out what sort of cysts I have and booked me an appointment for another scan.

And I've got to go back in three weeks.

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Yes it isnt uncommon - most dont really tell you what they are swabbing, they are just doing stuff down there !!!

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Well he said he was doing a swab of my womb didn't know they could do that

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