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PCOS or eptopic pregnancy? ☹️

I’ve had PCOS for 5 years, been ttc for 4 years and been on Metformin for the past 4 months. My periods have been regular but I have just had a really heavy bleed, a week early. I’m worried that it might be an eptopic pregnancy and don’t know what to do? Could just be PCOS and I’m being dramatic. It is agony and I’ve been loosing a lot of blood. Also been having awful headaches, dizziness and nausea for the last few days.

Has anyone else had similar experiences? Xxx

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Have you done a pregnancy test ? If in doubt call your GP or go to A&E


I did a home test today which was negative but I’m not due on until Sunday ☹️ Will try to get a docs appointment first thing tomorrow and if not, go to A&E. I don’t drive and i hardly have the energy to move right now so I’m going to have to see if my husband can take me in the morning or get a bus if I can get up to the stop. The pelvic pain and stabbing headaches are just getting too much ☹️

Thank you x


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