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Hi all, I’ve Recently been diagnosed with Pcos aged 29 I’ve also been told to start a low gi diet, I’m a healthy weight the gynaecologist said to start making changes now to my diet and lifestyle.

Next step to be referred to fertility clinic by dr! Any advice would be helpful.

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It sounds like I’m a few years ahead of you. When you go to the fertility clinic they’ll likely do blood tests and an internal US on you and a sperm analysis on your OH.

Depending on these results the fertility doctor will decide what kind of treatment you are suitable for.

Before you attend it’s def a good idea to start tracking your cycle. Us PCOS ladies usually have irregular cycles (I have 3 or 4 a year) and the doctor will ask about length of cycles.

Hope this helps! Ask away if you have any other questions.


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Keely121 in reply to EmGLA

Thank you for replying Emma I really appreciate the heads up on what to expect.

My periods are regular like clockwork I just have times I’m late on sometimes and I always keep track of them also.


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EmGLA in reply to Keely121

No problem! If you are looking for specifically fertility treatment you might want to join the fertility group on this site too. It’s really helpful! Good luck when you have your appointment.


Okay I will do thank you


Can I ask what symptoms you had to be diagnosed with pcos? Did you have androgens and cysts on ovaries but regular periods? Just wondered as I have androgens, no cysts and regular periods.

Hi I have cysts on my ovaries

Thanks for your reply. I take it your blood also showed high testesterone? I’ve just been referred to fertility clinic, hopefully can find out what’s going on with the testesterone whether is pcos

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Keely121 in reply to Explorers10

I need to await for my bloods to come back as only had them done on Thursday when I got discharged from the gynaecologist.

It’s all new to me sorry.

Thanks for reply, it’s helpful. Good luck with your next step in your journey

Good luck with your next step also.

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