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Diagnosed today with pcos.. please help me understand what to do

Am 31 yrs old have 3 children and didnt have any issues conceiving. I was sterilised 3 years ago and started to have problems with my periods. Crippled in pain.. So today I was told i have pcos and I have no understanding and got loads symptoms

I feel very upset as i am gaining weight and completely lost with it

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I was started on birth control pills (lots of trial and error) to help shrink my cysts and calm my symptoms down. I’ve been able to lose weight and experience less pain on that front.

Go to your gynecologist and discuss some treatment options that may help you. I hope you get the help you need soon xx


The combined contraceptive can help symptoms hugely, pain is generally not a pcos symptom but an endometriosis symptom so I would ask to be referred to an endocrinologist who specialises in both conditions - it isnt uncommon to have both conditions either. If you go on the combined pill take 3 months on the trot to reduce the symptoms further. As long as you have 4 periods a year it is fine.

You will have always had pcos as it is hereditary but it could be that because you are now gaining weight things are becoming worse and are more obvious.


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