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Brushed aside because I’m not Trying to get pregnant

For a long time I’ve had issues with my periods. When I was 16 I went on the pill due to them being irregular and heavy. I regret this decision now and wish they’d investigated more.

I went from the pill to having the depo injection for around 3 years. However, I came off it as I wasn’t having any periods and it didn’t feel natural. I don’t really take tablets even for headaches etc I prefer the natural route. Four years after stopping all contraception and I’ve not had a regular period. At most I’ve had about 10 periods over this time.

Over the last 2 years I’ve been back and forth and had scans and they’ve found i have PCOS. I am overweight, I know that I don’t need them to tell me. I have been trying to lose weight but find it difficult and disheartening when everyone around me is successful.

My problem is, the doctors have said well if I’m not trying to get pregnant it doesn’t matter but when I want to come back and they’ll help. They said I’d have to lose weight and have a healthy a BMI first.

But why is it considered to be okay not to have periods etc and for no one to be worried. I just want to be normal, my body to work like others, I never ‘felt’ right. Just because I don’t want a baby now doesn’t mean they should leave it.

Anyone else feel like this? I know a lot of people on here will be discussing pregnancy and later in my life yes it will be a worry for me too but for now I’d like to feel normal.

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I understand, i haven't been treated that way but you need just as much help. You deserve to be treated with well care. I didn't feel normal either when i had no periods. Getting on a special pcos diet will help with controling your hormones. Metformin is a common way of treatment of pcos because it helps balance hormones as well and can possibility help you lose weight. Birth control helps with acne and of course regulating your period.

I would perfer changing doctors because you do have a medical condition and have a right to treatment. Hope i helped! Chat me anytime you need advice!😘💜


Aaaggg drives me mad - it is crucial to have 4 periods a year to keep your uterus healthy otherwise it can cause serious issues. Also pcos has long term health consequences if not managed and isnt just about pcos. I would go back to your GP and ask for provera to force a period (make sure you get it every 3 months if you dont have a natural period), I would also tell them you want to be referrred to an endocrinologist which is a pcos expert (not a gynae as they are fanny and pcos is a hormonal imbalance and not ovary related really which is why the name is misleading).

Look at the NICE guidelines on PCOS as it advises what to expect from the NHS with this condition.

As for weight - if you ate the RDA amount you would still put on 2lb a month so over a stone a year so we do need to eat considerably less just for our weight to stay the same. Make sure brown carbs only as the white is the devil from a pcos point of view. Stick to low GI and do muscle building exercises as they will burn more fat.

It isnt easy losing weight with pcos mainly because it can be so slow and disheartening but it can be done (it is still slow tho so you need to keep the motivation goind!)


I can sympathise. I've been battling with my GP since i was 16 (34 now). I was told initially i had endometriosis, then it wasnt it was PCOS, then my tube was wrapped around my ovary. Always been dismissed and told we don't do anything unless your trying for a family. Have lived with constant pain, been a whole year without a period, excess hair and all i ever get told is to lose weight which i accept i need to do and am trying to eat healthy and been going to the gym. I've just gone back to my GP after having no period for a year and haven't used contraception for 2.5 years knowing about my problems and haven't conceived and now i want a family. She referred me to Gaeno so i saw them but was pretty much told to lose weight and that was it from them, then i got a call from the GP saying to come in and discuss the outcome of my appt with Gaeno and GP said Geaeno had requested me to have an internal scan and start Northeristone to induce a period and start Folic Acid (none of which was mentioned in the appt). I had the scan which showed cysts on my ovaries and a blockage in my left tube (apparently this had shown up on previous scans 6 years ago but no one had told me). GP showed me the results of previous scans and said the blockage wasn't of any significance????????? Sooooo confused by that. I asked GP about Clomid but she said they don't prescribe it only the Gaeno does which again confused me because i have seen others prescribed it by GP. Just feel so frustrated with it all.


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