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Recent diagnosis and facial hair

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I've recently been diagnosed with pcos after years of irregular periods masked by contraception. I had the implant in and was always told that's why I was not having periods. I'm 23, recently married and trying to start a family. Symptom wise the most irritating and difficult to deal with is very embarrassing and course chin and upper lip hair, like a man really. It's horrible. I've tried so many different things but always end up with shadow still on my chin and neck.

At the minute I'm incredibly frustrated, I feel as though my GP has given me a diagnosis and left me to deal with it, I haven't been given very much info. All I know is what I have read online. I'm currently trying for a baby and stopped my pill in January but haven't had a single period since. I can't get this facial hair under control and I can't lose any weight.

Has anyone any useful tips or words of wisdom as to what I could do to help?

Thanks for reading :) x

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Hi I've had all the really awful pcos symptoms for years, in terms of weight loss I've managed to shed the best part of 4 stone in 16 months. Firstly I reduced my calorie intake by following the nhs 12 week diet plan then very recently after alot of personal research I discovered a website (pcos diet challenge) which said people with pcos should be avoiding gluten, dairy and sugar they go into alot of detail and this seems to be a theme I'm coming across. There are important vitamins and supplements that you need too as pcos makes you insulin resistent which in turn forces your ovaries to produce lots of testosterone which is why you get the hair. If you can find this website it's really worth checking out lots of advice and your gp can and should do more especially if you're wanting children. They can do ovarian drilling for that but you need to speak to them. I certainly know how you feel as I'm now at the point where I'm seeking counselling and do laser hair removal. Get that weight, insulin and testosterone under control and with luck symptoms should begin to get better. Best of luck.


This is the link to the website, hope it helps.


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Thank you very much Lisa. This is very helpful. After reading a few posts on this forum I've decided to make an appointment with my gp. I'm just concerned as I haven't had a period this year yet. I'm having low blood sugars. When I brush my hair it's coming out in clumps and I've a beard. And it's starting to impact greatly on my mood. Xx

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Hi Kshtggart, i have read your message today and i can totally sympatise with you, i was diagnosed with PCOS back in 2013 when I lost my baby at 16 weeks, I was only diagnosed as I was told i had a growth on my tube and it was showing cancerous blood readings. I was also had a very bad smear test which i was told possibly cancerous too. However I was pregnant whilst all these test were being done, it was very early stages of pregnancy and we had be trying for 3 years. I have had terrible hair regrowth since my daughter was born in 2006. I too got diagnosed and then was told by my GP that hair growth is part of the condition and I have to just get used to it, he was male? I have not been given any other support at all. I can grow a goatie in a week if I left it, no women should have to live like this.

I pluck hours a day, while driving, while in bed, while sitting in the room, I am embarrassed to be in the sun, I know people can see it and it is so depressing, I use cream on my arms otherwise I look like a monkey. I can cope with anything I can hide but my face, I can not hide that and my chin always looks irritated from the plucking.

I do need to loose weight I know this and I am in the process if sorting that, living like this is getting me down all the tim and it is getting worse not better. I have an appointment with my GP next week and I will be discussing all of this with her, she has to help me. There has to be tablets out there that can stop this hair growth, I will loose the weight to help and I will take a look at the link Lisa has shared.

I am so glad i stumbled across this website today, I have no one to talk about this with as i am so embarrassed.

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Hi Beck, sorry for the delay in replying every time I go to I get distracted haha.

My gp is female and isn't much more helpful to be honest, I am seeing her on Monday to try and get some further help. The facial hair is so depressing I don't think people understand until it happens to them because they think oh just shave or wax it off and you'll be fine all women have a bit of facial hair blah blah but with pros it's so different because it's course and not easy to remove.

I also have few people to talk to that fully understand it and you're right it is embarrassing. I was thinking to myself the other day I'm newly married in March there and I would use the toilet with my husband in the room (tad gross I know) but I lock the door and tell him not to disturb me when I'm dealing with my facial hair. It's like, a dirty little secret. Hopefully we both find answers soon but it's nice to have some support from other sufferers.


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Hi this rang do true with me every hairy symptom you mentioned I have. It's awful I hate it, it's really dark aswell and I often look at my arms and think I look like a bloody monkey. I just find my self checking ALL THE TIME for the big black hair I missed on my face / chin or covering my forearms as I catch a glimpse and feel disgusted at the sight. I have spent whole days on and off sat plucking my face (till it's sore) and still the next day wake up and I need to start again. None of my female friends have this issue do they say they understand but unless you go through this i know they don't understand. Hair is the first thought on my mind And the last every day xxx

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I am with you. None of my friends understand either. I am the same as you, have spent the past couple of years shaving / plucking my face for it to get worse and worse. No end in sight :-(

Oh the lovely 5'o clock shadow - horrible. I have had laser about 7 years ago and it has changed how I feel totally, Because you are TTC you are limited as to what you can use for facial hair. The combined pill can help slow down the hair growth but obviously not suitable for you (the implant is generally not recommended to help pcos btw)

Also make sure you have 4 periods a year even if they are forced to keep your uterus healthy.

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How do you force periods? I haven't had a period in 7 months. Yeah I was on the implant from I was 16 until last year and all my pcos symptoms the Drs said was due to the implant constantly. Never checked my bloods just always blamed the implant. Would you recommend laser?

Ps I wish my shadow waited until 5! More like 1pm shadow 😞 Xx

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Hi, You are not alone. I'm also trying to fight facial hair. Does anyone know of the most effective methods to remove it and/or has tried any cream to prevent its re-growth?

I'm thinking I'll try to wax it and then use a topical cream but if that doesn't work I'll try to save money for the laser treatment -.-.

Within the affordable remedies such as waxing, epilator or hair removal cream, which do you think is the most effective?

I also started taking the Yasmin contraceptive pill this month. Thanks to the people who already commented sharing their experiences.

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Hi Leanne, thanks for your reply. My doctor has prescribed me a new cream which is to slow and thin the growth of the facial hair making it less noticeable and I have noticed a small change which if nothing else has left me hopeful. I had tried hair removal cream sect but my skin is so sensitive than unfortunately I reacted to them all which causes rashes on my face which looked worse and you could stil see the facial hair.

I have read later treatment can be hit or miss and at the moment I'm buying a house cat and feel if I got laser and it failed to work I'd be so cross cause I need my money now more than ever. Unfortunately I cannot take the pill (although my doc did say it would help with symptoms) as I'm trying for a family.


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Hi again. What's the name of the cream the doctor prescribed you? I literally just came back from the doctor. She said that I should go for laser treatment when I am ready for it and can afford it but that she does not advise me to wax in the meantime as the hair may grow stronger. She prescribed me Duac cream for the acne so my plan is to remain on the pill (it's a bummer you cannot take it because you don't want birth control at the moment but I wish you all the best with your attempts to start a family) and to use the Duac cream until my acne is cleared, then I'll attempt laser treatment. I do not want to do the laser treatment at the moment as I feel my jaw is too spotty for the therapist to be able to work on the hair effectively. I mentioned the Vanica cream to slow hair growth but she told me that it has not been proven to work so she would not prescribe it.

Hi, i get mine waxed its the only way that i can get rid of it, last year when i was told i had PCOS my doctor prescribed me with them cream which she didn't tell me i couldn't get at the hospital, so that was hopeless, there's not really a lot that can be done for facial hair which is a major bummer, i know its embarrassing having hair on your face and the only way to get rid of it is by removal or balancing the testosterone (or so I've read) i have complete sympathy for you and as for getting pregnant maybe see if you are eligible for IVF, the NHS do it for free but only if you are eligible. Good luck getting pregnant.

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