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PCOS and my story

So, since I started my periods when I was 12, I was stupidly heavy and irregular, but with poor sexual health education and not being able to open up to anyone about my problems, I suffered alone until I passed out one day. The doctor who saw me got to the bottom of it and realised I was bleeding waaaay too much, and started me on all sorts of tablets to try and slow it down, but to no avail. I started on one of the pills, which did seem to sort it out. I eventually changed because the effects worse off. Through my early teen years I found this slowed my bleeding and made my periods more regular, but then it eventually stopped. I use to get really bad pain, it was as if I wanted to bleed, so I stopped taking my pill and let my period come naturally, and I felt relief!

Then a couple of months ago I decided to go to the doctors and asked to be tested for PCOS, as it runs in the family and I literally have every symptom going. The doctor, which was male (nothing against men, but I think because it is quite a sensitive issue to women, he didn't quite understand the upset going through my 19 year old mind at the time), he simply said to me "even if it comes back you do, there is nothing you can do about it, so what's the point?". I felt awful, useless and helpless. I decided to go back to the doctors a few months later to see a nice female doctor, and she understood everything I said and put me forward for tests straight away. I had my bloods done on my 20th birthday, and 2 days later I got a call saying I needed to book an appointment because they are abnormal. Now my doctors surgery allows me to log on online and actually see my test results, and some of the factors are waaaay out. I have my ultrasound tomorrow and I'm so nervous. I don't know what they are going to say, or do, or even if I am fertile at all!

Please could someone give me some advice, if they have ever been here before, it's the blood results that are worrying me, and I can pretty much already predict that there are definitely cysts on my ovaries, I have extremely painful periods with severe pelvic pain right where my ovaries lie.

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Oh my godness! I'm 19 and got diangosed a few months ago!!!! Your story sounds a little similar to mine. I did get blood work done and my doctor said my testosterone level was high (abnormal) and so she reffered me to a endocrinologist to talk to her about my hormone levels. She examined me by talking to me about my absent periods, and she saw my hair on my chin and stomach. She diangosed me right there but also scheduled me for a ultrasound. My ultrasound was done on the outside since I'm a virgin but my gyno told me later on that i only have one small cyst on my left ovary! That's good....i guess lol but i still hate having acne, weight gain, abnormal hair growth, and no periods at all.

So I'm sure after the ultasound sound the doctors will explain everything to you and maybe able to give a official diagnosis based on the results of the ultasound, the blood work, and your other symptoms.

I hope i helped at least a little!


Please don't worry I'm sure everything will be fine. The fact you are being seen quickly means whatever it is can be resolved. My friends had polips so it might be something like that which caused her to have painful periods. She has an operation within weeks to have them removed and her bleeding is much better now x

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Having pcos doesnt mean you are infertile so put that straight out of your mind. It is really rare not to conceive because of pcos so dont worry about that at all. There is so much help for when you do want to conceive too nowadays. The cysts are only a symptom and not the cause so can come and go anyway (so dont let them fob you off if you dont have cysts it means you dont have pcos).

Hope your scan goes ok, it is nothing to worry about.

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