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I knew I had Endo but just diagnosed with PCOS


So here's my background....

I had awful periods when I first started my period and after a year my doctor put me on the pill to regulate them. I stayed on the pill until I was 25 when I decided it would be a good idea to give my body a break, how wrong was I!! 6 months later I had a couple of large cysts on my ovaries which had to be removed and I was diagnosed with endometriosis. I was then put in a pseudo-menopause for a year because somehow it had caused kidney cysts - I had blood filled cysts on my kidneys which they said isn't documented with endo but it cleared up as a result of my endo treatment so to me that speaks for itself. I was on the pill every since.

Years later I forgot to take my pill on holiday and me and I boyfriend ended up with beautiful little girl as a result. I had always been told it would be very hard for me to conceive so it was a shock but we were both very happy.

So 5 years later we would like another child and a I came off the pill in January. My periods have been erratic, I have put on weight (9 lbs which isn't that bad from what I've read on here), I suffer really badly with bloating and cramps (doubled over in pain and waking all the time at night). So I have finally been sent for a scan and I was all geared up for it to be my endo. I was told I have a small cyst on right ovary that appears to be endo but to come back in 6 weeks to confirm if it is, but my left ovary was covered, and I mean absolutely covered in follicles (I'm getting flash backs to the image!!). This did make sense because my ovulation tests were showing I was only ovulating every 2 months.

I haven't seen the doctor yet for their feedback so what I'm looking for is guidance on what I should ask the doctor?

I saw on the NHS website that you can have an operation to remove them but is that worthwhile?

I would be grateful for any guidance on how to get pregnant with both these conditions?

I was wondering if I should just miss out all the heartache and confusion and opt for IVF as I'm 37 now?

I started no dairy and gluten 4 days ago and already the bloating has gone. I still have sharp pains but nothing like I was having before and I figure that could be my endo. I would really recommend cutting these out to people as a way to help with the bloating and awful cramping!

Thanks everyone x

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The one advantage of pcos is that our egg quality remains better for longer so age 37 is fine. Because you have a child you will not qualify for much in the way of fertility treatment.

You can have your cysts zapped and it can help you conceive but I am not sure what is available as you have a child, I know they still give clomid (fertility drug) even if you have a child but I am not sure whether they would do an op. So I think you need to see your GP to find out what is on offer. Age is not an issue from a fertility point of view (I conceived Noah when I was 36).

It is not uncommon to have both pcos and endo

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Thank you so much for replying.

It's really good to know about my egg quality; it gives me hope :)

As for the fertility treatment I can appreciate why the NHS are restricted on what they can offer me as I am fortunate to have a child already. I feel better now knowing what to expect so thank you for taking the time to explain, I really appreciate it.


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