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Hiya all. I fort i would share my story with you all..

Well 17 months ago. December 2015 I decided it's time for me to come of the pill and try for a baby just after my birthday .. Well me and my partner went away for the new year and was expecting a period while I was over sunny canaries.. I fort it was just me not having a period due to reading up on the internet about coming off the pill.. 4 months past.. April last year and I went to the doctors and he noticed the weight gain and so on they told me if I didn't still have one with in a couple of months to go back.. I went back in the aug/Sept last year yet with still no period. They finally sent me for internal and external scan.. which wasn't very nice.. within a couple of days the doctor rang back and told me I had pcos.. As you do get very emotional ( I was at work at the time with preschool children).. Well Jan this year I went back to the doctors again as still no period..and finally been ref to the women hospital in Birmingham to see a gynegloghist.. my partner attended last month for a semen sample and I have my app ointment the 7th of June.. Just wondering if anyone now's what they do in the first app ointment and when we get results for my partners semen. Just joined on here and can see we are all in the same boat x

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Hi- your local health authority clearly works different than mine but are you saying you have been referred to a fertility clinic? If so you will need a bunch of tests (internal & external ultrasound, smear, bloods, chlamydia screen) and your partner will just have a semen test. They are looking for reasons why you haven't conceived yet but you already know about PCOS. Assuming there is nothing else going on I expect they will suggest Clomid and/or metformin for you to help manage the PCOS and encourage ovulation. This is what is done in my local health authority so I imagine there will be some similarity.


You need to make sure your tubes are clear before being given clomid as there is a time limit on using it so make sure you request that at your next appointment if they haven't suggested it.

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Thank you so much. It's nice to have a bit of support and advice. It's very stressful. I ain't had a period for 17 months now and sometimes I feel like exploding.. i have gained weight which I'm trying to loose and lately I'm suffering with really bad spots and loads of hairs mainly my chin:( my doctor as refered.. I have already had internal and external scans x


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