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PCOS trouble? Advice please!

I got diagnosed with PCOS when I was 17; I was told my hormone levels were not too much of a problem but I had an ultrasound which said I had cysts on my ovaries. On average I have four periods a year ranging from 2 to 23 days at a time. I get such horrible pains in my ovaries where it feels like they're swelling and tightening and it gets so unbearable. I have other bad symptoms of pcos such as acne, body hair etc. Originally I was put on microgynon which was not helpful at all as I didn't bleed or I would bleed on and off lightly mid cycle. I'm now on provera 5 days a month, norethisterone 26 days a month and metformin every day. I am getting really bad side effects from these pills and I'm bleeding very lightly a brownish bleed mid cycle of norethisterone and I don't know what to do. My doctor is really unhelpful and not supportive at all as I'm "only 18 and not trying to get pregnant." I just need some advice really as I'm so confused and don't know what to do and I don't really have anyone to talk to about this who understands clearly. When I was first told I had pcos I was told my insulin levels were fine but now I am on metformin but have not been told anything different.

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Tell GP you want a referral to a Specialist Endocrinologist. PCOS is a much bigger issue than fertility with far reaching serious health risks. You need to see an expert and at 18 is exactly the best time as you have the best opportunity to address things now before long term damage is done.

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Have you thought about going on the combined contraceptive pill as this will help with the periods and pcos symptoms. I have been on it on and off for 30 odd years and, for me, it is great as it masks all the symptoms. I take 2 months on the trot (would do 3 but kept spotting) as long as you have 4 periods a year then it is ok to take packs back to back.

As Cat says, there are long term health consequences of pcos (increased risk of heart disease and diabetes). I am now 47 and have basically watched my weight my whole life. I am not diabetic and do not have insulin resistance either.

Do you feel metformin has helped at all, if not then come off it (slowly). Unless you are insulin resistant (which some pcos ladies are) then there is a question mark as to what damage metformin can do to you if you are not IR, it is not licenced for use for PCOS unless you are IR as it is a diabetes drug)

I would also ask to be referred to an endocrinologist who specialises in pcos, also look at the NICE guidelines on pcos and NHS as this will help show what you are entitled to from an NHS point of view.


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