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Pain in lower abdomen and back!


Just wondered if anyone has had anything similar. I have had pain in my lower abdomen and back similar to period pain for about 2 weeks now but the past 2 days kind of feels like the pain was in my kidneys but I'm not sure. I had brown discharge for 2 and a half weeks about a week after my period was due. I don't always have a period but had for 3 months in a row this brown stuff being my last one! The spotting stopped and I got the pain and I have also been peeing a lot more and just feeling 'off'. Partner told me to do a pregnancy test just to check. I did one on Saturday and was negative. I'm just a little confused not sure if it's related or something else going on but some days the pains have been awful. Anyone else had anything like this?



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Im getting very similar symptoms as well. Im going to Doctors as soon as can get appointment, think you should too. Will write back on here once get seen.



Are you? I'm just confused I feel so odd lately convinced myself I was pregnant! I think if I still feel the same by Friday I will make an appointment! Thanks



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