Pain all over

Pain all over

Hi all hope your all ok? So I've added a picture of some symptoms of Ovian cancer I've got the signs but it's being put down as psoc , I go to the toilet more often now never used to , just thought it was because I was cold feel sick all the time every day as well , have irregular periods as well lower stomach pain in to my thighs the pain goes , sometimes in all my left leg as well last time that happened I was put on a gynaecology ward they did blood tests I didn't get the results back and I was put on a drip then sent home early in the morning! Do I need to see a doctor? And have some more check ups? Because according to everyone it's pcos , iam not to sure anymore , I don't know what to do! It feels like period pains but it's not I haven't being on for 3 months either , any advice please? Message me thanks ❤️

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  • And also I've lost weight as well which is strange

  • I have had lots of investigations for ovarian cancer. My tests have come back clear (bloods and smear) I had an ultrasound and been told I have PCOS. I am now waiting for my hysteroscopy and laparoscopy to look for endometriosis.

    In my experience I have found that endometriosis symptoms are very similar to ovarian cancer symptoms so I am now thinking I have endometriosis as well (which runs in my family)

    I also lost weight which really worried me but my GP said not to worry about it but I am going to ask the gynaecologist when I see them as it doesn’t seem normal. I went from 10st 2lb to 8st 7lb. I have been drinking supplementary shakes and gradually starting to put the weight back on.

    One symptom I have struggled with is indigestion which is a symptom of ovarian cancer. However with my bloods and smear being normal I am confident that I don’t have it.

    It can make us feel very scared as the symptoms overlap and send our minds into overdrive but nice to know we are not alone 🤗

  • A lot of those could be pcos symptoms - have you had a smear test recently as this will show up any issues? Do you have pain during sex as this definitely should be investigated!

  • No I haven't iam seeing doctor next week , yeah I have pain during sex all the time

  • I would definitely ask for a smear then but don't get yourself all worked up as it may all be ok and it could be that you have endometriosis which is causing issues. Let us know how it goes.

    Oh and my advise is never google stuff - you will always find worst case scenario and never the positive stuff!

  • Yeah I will do thankyou!

  • Hope you feel better soon! Looks scary! ❤

  • Thankyou! ❤️

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