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Feeling :(

I've always known something wasn't quite right. Periods weren't regular and I'd forgotten to take my pill so many times when I was younger but never fell pregnant. At the time I was relieved. I thought I was very lucky.

Married, 24 and wanting a child things are very different. I've been trying for a baby for over a year. Shortly after beginning to try I got diagnosed with PCOS. I wasn't overly concerned. But a year down the line with worsening symptoms and no luck with trying for a baby I'm starting to feel down for want of a better word.

I've been to see a gynecologist. They told me to loose weight and to go back on the pill. I was distraught at the thought of going back on the pill as all I wanted was a baby but however, I went back on it for three months and had some bleeding. So came off it again. My gp doesn't seem to have any advice or information to offer. I've been to see her a few times with abdominal pain, increased facial hair and my mood is very poor. I take anti depresssnts, I have to shave my face every morning and I'm just fed up not feeling like a woman. It's beginnning to put strain on my marriage and we are only a year married.

I think I'm posting this as a means of venting but also to get some advice on what I could try and mainly, to know I'm not alone in this.

Thanks for reading,



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If it was the combined pill, this can take 3 months to sort itself out. Has your partner been tested as well as 1/3 of fertility issues are men. DO you know what your BMI is currently as it needs to be under 30 for NHS fertility treatment.

When I came off the pill my beard grew and I got fatter and fatter so I do feel your pain, when it comes to hair there is limited research on what is safe if you do get pregnant sadly so, the other option is to use a wet and dry epilator which may make it last a little longer. I have had laser now and it has been brilliant but is pointless doing it until you have had your family. When you get pregnant your hair can either slow down or speed up, I was so hoping for some luck and it would slow down - Nope I turned into a yeti !! So I do really feel for you.

I like the 5:2 diet as its easy and cheap and once you get your head around it it is really easy and has changed how I feel about hunger totally.

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