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Hay! I'm really really new to this ive been searching for weeks for a forum and group of ladies to help with any questions and perhaps some reassurance and positivity on the situation too. I've googled lots and none seem to fit my currently situation - I got disganosed with PCOS July 2016 and have recently been referred to a specialist and I'm currently taking metaformin however I have ALWAYS had regular periods and never missed one and they're every month like clock work however my GP has said I don't ovaulate due to the PCOS so I was wondering if anyone is in the same boat as me and if they've fallen pregnant ect? I need some reassurance right now :) Thank you.

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I had relatively regular periods but didn't ovulate - if yours are on the dot then I am not sure that is true (mine were anything from 2-11 days late and I was told that anything over 2 days of your normal cycle would mean I wasn't ovulating).

I would look at fertilityfriends website to chart and see if you are actually ovulating, if you are which I suspect then you wont have anything to worry about. What tests did the GP do to see if you were ovulating and were they repeated a few times ??


Thank you for replying I didn't think anyone would. Well I have a period tracker app which says my average cycle is 29 days it calculates when my next period should be and it's either on the day or a day after. So I spose there's no set number on how any days between periods but I have 1 every month when expected. I will 100% look at that I've never heard of it before and I'm trying to make friends in a similar situation to me :) my GP done 3 blood tests on the 21st day after my period (if I remember rightly) to see if I was ovulating which I wasn't :( then an internal ultrasound on my overaies which shows PCOS. I've now got a appointment this month a a fertility specialist xx

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Its pretty rare for 21 day blood tests to show we ovulate, we do tend to ovulate later than the norm anyway, so don't lose hope as you may well be but just a few days later. Definitely temperature taking is the most accurate way to see if you ovulate with pcos, can take a while to get to grips with it but is worth trying.


You could use the period tracker app to check the days you should be ovulating and try some ovulation tests on them days to double check that you are? That way, if you aren't, you can talk to your GP about that. :)


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