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Hi I'm 19 and haven't been diagnosed with PCOS but am confused as to some of my symptoms. I have only recently started having irregular periods ( 2 in one month, or a week too early ) this has only ever happened to me twice. Otherwise they've been very painful but completely normal. So far there has been no abnormal hair growth, or weight gain. I get acne with my irregular period but that may just be a abnormal period with normal hormones, so it's a bit confusing. I've been under high stress so that may be affecting it, but I don't really know... Any advice as to what this may be would be great thank you!

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Hmmmm have you changed your diet recently? Or had an ultrasound scan? as long as your still getting a peiod it sounds like your symtoms are pretty normal/not that bad. Are you on any birth control too? I wouldnt worry until youve missed a period too many.


Stress can play a huge part in mucking up your cycle so it could well be that, or you may have PCOS but not have any obvious symptoms which is not uncommon. I would keep an eye on your cycle (make sure you have 4 periods a year tho) so keep notes so you dont forget, it may improve as life is less stressful.


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