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Diagnosis troubles

Hi everyone, first time posting here!

My girlfriend is currently going through the trial of getting a PCOS diagnosis. I know a number of people with it (including my mum), and her symptoms are no different to theirs.

She recently started avoiding gluten, dairy, and soya, in an effort to reduce her hormone imbalances. This has proved incredibly successful! So successful, in fact, that her blood results came back normal for hormones. On its own this is amazing... but from the Dr's point of view it just means she doesn't have a hormone imbalance...

Her scans have shown no cysts either (again, this is amazing news), but that's another reason for her to not be diagnosed with the condition, from a Dr's perspective. We are now concerned about the level of support she will receive, because she's helping to treat the hormone imbalances, she appears healthier than she is! She still has a number of other symptoms, but they're off the Dr's radar entirely...

I guess the reason for this post is: has anyone else experienced this? I know the condition is so hard to get a diagnosis for, which makes getting recognition and support even harder. Also, has anyone got any advice as she seeks a diagnosis? Any healthcare professionals to request seeing? Any support she can receive?

Thanks for your support and understanding!

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Cysts are only a symptom and not the cause so they can come and go anyway (the PCOS name is misleading), also blood tests can be hit and miss too, you can be diagnosed by symptoms alone, look up the NICE guidelines on PCOS as this shows what she should expect. Also ask to be referred to an endocrinologist as well.

Generally though until you are trying for a family you are left to it or advised to go on the combined contraceptive pill, this also increases your chances of getting pregnant quicker when you come off it as your body is less pcos.


I was diagnosed with it after two years of trying... fat lot of good it did. the ONLY help I got was this piece of advice: "lose weight and let us know if you are trying to conceive".

So where it's good to know that you have pcos for peace of mind, it made no difference in reality. if your gf us doing well treating the symptoms then that's all she can do!

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