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Doctor thinks I have PCOS what happens next !?!?

Hi all

I'm new here and today went to the doctors and she thinks I have PCOS so I've been given an appointment to get a blood test ( help such a wuss ) and then it will be diagnosed. I was just wondering if PCOS is the case what medication would be prescribed and/ or what treatment would I recieve . This is all very new and very scary ! Any advice and past experiences would really put my mind at ease .

Thankyou so much for reading girls :)

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During a transvaginal ultrasound at the fertility clinic a few weeks ago I got diagnosed with pcos. It was a blow to me because although I'd suspected I had issues I never suspected this. I'm 36. At the moment the only thing I'm taking is Inofolic; a supplement of Myo Inositol and Folic Acid. However the biggest shock to me has been the change to my diet. I was given a diet sheet to follow despite my bmi being fine. I've cut out all cakes, crisps, biscuits, chocolate, white bread and pasta and replaced it with fruit, veg, lean meat, natural low fat yogurts and sugar free jellies. It's been hard. You'll find that pcos makes it hard to shift weight. I've only lost 2lb in 3 weeks. Pcos means that you are more likely than most to get type 2 diabetes, heart disease, fertility problems or uterine cancer but largely these are preventable and/or treatable if you eat a pcos friendly diet and you keep active. Some women are prescribed medication for their pcos but remember that there is no cure. Having said that it's certainly not a death sentence haha! I'm no expert in just a few weeks, but there is plenty of information available on the net if you take a look. Good luck

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As tugsgirl said, for me, a pcos friendly diet is the best way to deal with the symptoms. As it is an endocrine disorder, it can affect so much more than just your periods including heart problems, brain problems (anxiety and depression etc.), diabetes and so much more. If you're just given tablets for acne or for one or two specific things, you're not dealing with the rest of the problem. Have a look at pcosdietsupport.com for all the info. You can sign up and get her starter pack and emails, she is amazing and she changed my life. My symptoms either eased up or disappeared completely within two weeks of starting the diet, I managed to conceive within three months and I felt amazing!

Also for recipe ideas I love deliciouslyella.com although she's vegan too so I just add meat.

Good luck x

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