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Hello, just a friendly new face ^-^

Hello, my name is Hannah, and I'm a nineteen year old girl coming from somewhere in the UK. I was diagnosed with PCOS when I was 13, oddly enough I didn't actually have it until the Tetanus and Polio jab? I've put on weight but I'm trying to get rid of it but I really would like some advice if that is okay!

Thank you so much for listening to this little paragraph.

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You will have been born with pcos, it is hereditary down both male and female lines (it isn't ovary related so the name is misleading)

Diet wise, follow the low GI diet, cut out as much white carb as possible and sugar (which is difficult as so much has sugar in it)


Hey Hannah,

Hols is right, it is hereditary unfortunately so you will have had it all your life although you probably won't have started getting symptoms until you started puberty. It is an endocrine disorder so affects much more than your ovaries (thyroid, brain, heart etc) so it is really important to control it.

There are different types of medication that can help but personally I changed my diet. Low GI as Hols said, dairy and gluten are 'feeders' of pcos. Have a look at pcosdietsupport.com, she explains everything you need to know, sign up for the starter pack and emails for free and also look at deliciouslyella.com for recipe ideas although she's vegan too so I just add meat into the meals.

It honestly changed my life.

Good luck x


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