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Hi Everyone,

I have replied to a few of you individually but, as we all seem to suffer so many similarities, I thought I'd write a general post with my PCOS story I was diagnosed with PCOS at 21 (I'm now 36) and have suffered with being overweight, loss of hair from my head, excess facial and body hair and problem periods ever since. As awful as all of that was, I think the biggest issue by far was the trouble I had trying to conceive, due to being overweight. I tried lots of different things, all with short term success and have found that the only thing that has worked for me long term has been clean eating and exercise, alongside Juice Plus products. I now have regular, relatively pain free periods, I no longer suffer a huge amount of hair loss and I maintain a healthy weight as a result of this lifestyle (unfortunately it doesn't fix the excess hair problem), but best of all, I also now have a son who is 3 years old :) I think, as hard as it is, the best thing to do where PCOS is concerned is to relax and concentrate on the weight loss - eat clean, exercise regularly and, if you can afford to, top up on plant based, natural supplements as I really believe that healthy weight is the key in relation to PCOS and pregnancy! And never underestimate the power of positivity ;)

I wish you all the very best of luck in your PCOS journey's - if anyone has any questions for me, feel free!

Tara xx

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Thank you x

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