Very distended stomach for 4 weeks constantly

Very distended stomach for 4 weeks constantly


New to the forum but I have been aware of my pcos for 11 years now (im 27). For the last 4 weeks i have had a huge stomach! Its not uncomfortable, painful or anything but its constantly there! Only other system I have is a bad taste in my mouth, but no idea of it relates. The photo is a pic of what it ia like at its worst, and when it shrinks its only a little. I havent put on any weight really so i know its not that. Help! Could be disgestive, but thought id see if any other pcos ladies have had this!



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  • Hi i have the same problem i am now 48 i have had this problem since i was a teenager my stomach is enormous i hate it so much unfortuntley it is all part of the parcel but you can lose weight but it a lot harder than normal so you have to put a lot of work into it i have'nt manged it yet but iam trying my down fall my age because the older you get the harder it is to lose weight do you get facial hair too because as you know that also part of it, i have alot of facial hair and it keeps growing so much i look like man WHAT EMBASSEMENT i wish i can do something about it but there nothing i can do about it i hope everything goes well for you let if you mange to lose any weight maybe you give me some tips all the best freyja.

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    Mine isnt weight gain. My stomach was almost flat, but overnight went like this 4 weeks ago and hasnt gone away. I havent put any weight on. Thats why im concerned. Its got to be a health issue rather than weight gain because it was literally overnight. It might be an IBS thing rather than PCOS so Ive asked on a forum for that too.

    I do have an issue with hair though. I found Dianette pill and Yasmin were the best remedies. Made a lot of difference. Plus i epilate rather than any other hair removal and thats reduced it too. Try that if you havent. Worth the pain in the long run.

    Also i have been advised before that the gluten index diet for diabetics is the best way for us with PCOS to diet because PCOS affects insulin so its best to eat like a diabetic appearently!


  • Hi, cutting on gluten and dairy did help reduce my bloated stomach and spotty face. However, if the bloated stomach appeared suddenly then I would still go to the doctor's to get it checked. I am also thinking of eating anti-inflammatory foods like turmeric, blueberries, salmon or broccoli.

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