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Possible PCOS diagnosis

Hi I'm a new member. I recently took my 13 year old daughter to the doctors as she is having irregular periods but also has excessive hair growth. Doc asked for a blood test and ultrasound scan. I think the blood test was for testosterone/hormone levels but has come back normal. She is due to go for a scan Friday. Is it still possible she has pcos or would the clear blood test rule this out. She is very self concious of the excess hair and the doctor has said she can only be referred for electrolysis if she has pcos.

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I'm not sure it helps, but I'm now 31 and have only just been diagnosed with PCOS after a ruptured cyst.

I have had irregular periods since i was 11, and started to get excessive hair when i was about 15. I must have been for several blood tests, scans, thyroid function tests over the years...all came back clear. I knew in myself that something wasn't right, but if nothing was coming back with a positive, then i was just putting it down to being one of those 'irregular' girls.

I can only suggest you ask for a second or even third opinion if you don't feel the answer they're giving you is correct.

I hope for her sake they don't leave it till she encounters a cyst rupture or wants to try and start a family until they take her seriously.

Best of luck xXx


Thanks for ur reply. We went for the scan and both ovaries polycyclic one more so than the other. Have a doc appointment next week so am going to push for referral to gynaecology.


Has her doctor put her on any cream or bc pills? Some types of bc pills and creams help with the facial hair.


Hi, I have poly-cystic ovaries, acne, facial hair, hair loss in my scalp and occasionally a bloated stomach. However, my blood tests for glucose and hormone levels came back normal. This could be due to the fact I already eat very healthily and exercise regularly so in a way I am already trying to manage my condition. However, the doctor said that because my blood tests were "normal" and that I have regular periods, I do not have PCOS but I can feel something is not right. Moreover, my grandad is diabetic so I requested to be tested for insulin resistance but the doctor told me they cannot refer me for this. Thank you for the idea on pushing for a referral to the gynaecologist :)


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