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Lack of periods

Hi, I have had 4 periods in 4 years! My last one was nearly a year ago now. I went to the doctor around 2 and a half years ago but they said there's nothing to worry about and come back when I wanted to have children, didn't do any tests or anything! But as I've gotten older I realised that there must be something not write! Me and my partner have been talking about trying for a baby but I'm scared it won't happen! I have excessive body hair, hot flashes, insomnia, mood swings, and feeling very depressed! And weight gain which I just can't shift! I wondered if anyone else has every been through this or any ideas. I'm just really scared to go to the doctors 

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It does sound like you have PCOS, but it's also a name they just through out to cover up other illnesses. You need tests to see what's going on with your body otherwise you could just be causing it damage. I was suspected to have pcos (which I didn't believe I had from the beginning) and it turns out I have some rare disease that hasn't been seen in the last 20 years and it's been causing so much damage in there -reducing my chances of having a child. 

I know it's scary, no one wants to go through it.  But you need to know what's going on with your body to be able to know what helps and what doesn't to give you the best chances of a healthy pregnancy and baby. 


It's sounds like you may have pcos. I have that and Polycystic ovaries. Pocs can make it difficult to fall pregnant but every person is different, NHS advises that you lose at least 5% of you're body weight before trying it can increase your chances. When trying for a baby, don't make it your number 1 thing, the more pressure you put on your body and yourself it's going to take toll. Have fun trying to create a bundle of joy!  Have a read at my blog, I created it for my degree.



Unfortunately most people have to fight for a diagnosis, your symptoms sound very familliar so i would be very persistant with your GP. The likelihood is that as with most of us treatment is refused until weight loss.. which we all know is very difficult to shift as a symptom of pcos. Im currently struggling with mine too, just know you are not alone 


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