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Terrified about the future

Hi I recently visited my gynaecologist and have been told that there is a high chance that I have PCOS, I am 21 years old and I am absolutely terrified about things like having children and the treatments for it and was just looking for some advice.

My boyfriend has been trying to help me but obviously being male he doesn't really understand what it is that I'm going through and I was just looking for someone who has PCOS or has had a similar situation that can give me some advice.

Thank you xxx

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I was the exact same age as you when I was diagnosed with PCOS and was told I would never have children. I reacted the same way you have, and ended up with depression and was very worried about my chances of having children. I can tell you that I proved them all wrong, and after changing my diet, taking folic acid and changing the way I viewed everything (i put in my mind that if it happened it happened, and if not there are other options ie adoption), when the time was right I came off the pill. I fell pregnant four weeks later, and at the age of 32 my dream came true!

There are some good PCOS diet books out there to help with weight issues, and to help with the symptoms of PCOS. The trick is not to get too worried about it as stress itself can prevent pregnancy. It's nice to be able to give birth yourself, but don't forget the other options out there, especially adoption! I was adopted myself and if I hadn't managed to carry my own child, I would have jumped at the chance to give love to another child who needed it. Your still young. Give yourself plenty of time, and try not to worry!

Gentle hugs Sally xx

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I would like to add that while there is no known treatment for pcos, you can still get pregnant. I am pregnant with my second daughter, conceived naturally. Like Sal0712 noted, you have to make a change in lifestyle choices like watch what you eat, maintain a healthy weight and ofcourse speak to your GP.

Good luck x

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