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Hi everyone

Hi everyone,

I'm sophiesmummy13. I was diagnosed with PCOS last year,but my GP found out from my notes that I'd been diagnosed 2 yrs earlier in 2013 and I'd told my GP that I wasn't told that I had PCOS by my previous gp n that I was told that I may have PCOS.

Me and my fiance have decided that we are going to change GP surgery as our current surgery isn't willing to help us as my fiance was referred for a learning assessment before Christmas and heard nothing from it even though our GP had our new address.

Me and my fiance have decided to join the same GP surgery which his twin sister and her family are registered with as my fiancé's twin sister has said that her GP always listens to u when you are talking and doesn't fob u off or talk over u.

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Hello Sophie'sMummy!

Welcome. I too 'discovered' the medical proffessionals knew I had PCOS long before actually talking to me about it. I was 30 when they actually spoke to me about it (trying for a baby) but they'd been working on the assumption I had it for decades! It's rubbish but GPs certainly rarely understand the condition so it's really important you've found this community, you'll have to be in charge of a lot of your own care as Drs won't give you the advice you'll find here.

Good luck at the new Drs surgery, it's important you find someone who will listen more than who knows everything - it's a collaborative journey I've found xxxx


Thank u hun. I had a nice lady doctor when I was with my ex and she knew what she was talking about when she was letting me know what type of tablets can help me to get pregnant as she had worked with some of the top doctors in fertility problems (I think she said) in hospitals all over the country. I'm taking 300mg (100 mg, in a morning,100mg in an afternoon n the same before bed for monthly pain relief) of transanemic (not sure if it spelt write tho hun I'm rubbish at spelling some big words especially if I haven't been taught how to spell them) acid when I'm "on" as they can either stop ur monthlies altogether or ease the pains or lighten ur monthlies. Sometimes they can stop both the pains and the bleeding which what they do for me. Xx

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