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What the hell is going on with my body?

Hi everyone! Seriously hoping that someone might be able to relate or give me some advice if they're experienced something similar.

I'm at that awkward stage where I'm not sure if I need to go to the doctors or not.

Little bit of background info- I suffered from awful heavy periods and pain from age 13 when my periods first started- at 16 I was diagnosed with PCOS polycystic ovarian syndrome via laparoscopy and put onto Dianette/Co-cyprindol. I've stayed on Dianette from age 16-24- which I stopped in mid august this year after being advised by my gyne to switch to yasmin to see if this had an affect on my endometriosis ( I was diagnosed almost 2 years ago via another laparoscopy. I've always been on Dianette which had been keeping my pcos at bay (I'm aware of this) and have always had my usual extremely heavy 8 day bleeds with no spotting for years.

As I hadn't collected my yasmin tablets I stopped dianette as told- had a normal breakthrough bleed just after taking my last pack in august (so this was in early sept) and decided to wait for my next period before I picked up my Yasmin to start afresh taking back to back for 3 months.

Since then I'd had no period or signs of a period happening- until last Wednesday when I noticed I had started spotting very dark brown in my underwear along with really severe cramps. The spotting was fairly mild but I wore a sanitary towel just incase as I assumed it might be the start of my period due to the severe cramps. I've spotted on and off (little bits) since Wednesday along with pain which stopped on Saturday) it didn't change into a period like it thought it might do and it seems to have stopped lastnight/this morning.

I'm just really confused as to what is going on. Over the past few weeks I've done 2 pregnancy tests- one end of November early December just to check I wasn't pregnant and then one on wednesday again as I thought it maybe could be a implantation bleed after seeing it all over the Internet when searching for some advice.

I know that spotting is a symptom of both pcos and endometriosis of which I have both- just I've never experienced it before. I'm due to have abother surgery for the removal of endometriosis in 4 weeks.

Should I go to my gp? What do you think is best? I've still yet to start yasmin as with Al the stress and bother I was reluctant to start taking anything else that would make things worse.

Has anyone else had this before? I feel like I'm going insane. Why have I had such awful pain if it's not a period?

Really at a total loss. Everything on the Internet just points to implantation pregnancy sites or just talks about spotting in general.

Any help or advice would be amazing as I'm just so confused about it all.

Sorry this post has been so long- I had to give a background story so it made sense!



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Hi I can only tell you that I was on Dianette for around 5 years until the age of 21 when I came off for a break (althought I then decided to be done with pills for a while) and I didn't have another period until 25.

The dark brown spotting I have also experienced (with the pain) which always turns into a period for me (a dark brown bleed though) and I've always assumed that is because I haven't had a period for so long that that's the state of my insides!

Yes, go to your GP, lay all the information at their door and see what they suggest.

Good luck

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Just go to your GP , I was really worried the last eight weeks have had lots of lower pelvic and abdominal pain and consistant bleeding that was pink at first then brown and finally for the last 3 weeks a medium to heavy period blood flow. My Gp fast tracked me to the hospital for women cancer investigations I was so worried. I went to-day 1 week after seeing GP to the Gynaecological dept at the hospital. They were so nice, gave me ultrasound and found fibroids and 2 small ovarian cysts all of which can cause pain and heavy or irregular bleeding. Just Go to GP and insist on a referral asap to the Gynaecological clinic , all of health professionals were women , and they did everything to help me relax and feel at ease. I was so worried, now I feel so relieved as I have to go back in 2 weeks and they are going to offer me a treatment plan and also further ultrasounds to monitor everything. Good luck XX


Hello there did you go to gp ? When I stop the pill (Dianette) age 20 ish I was on that since the age of 15 (we'll sort of on and off ) after being diagnosed anyway it was a good 6 months and it was horrendously heavy and painful but after a few days of that it was 4 months very on off I losed weight my period did get regular and with normal flow.

Hope you ok Hun it's a very up and down inside out World wind with PCOS xx

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Hi! Thanks for your reply! I really appreciate it. I'm due to have a laparoscopy next week, haven't managed to get in with my gp so I'm going to mention it all to my gynecologist at the hospital. It's just been an absolute nightmare in all fairness :(

Still no period and haven't started taking anything else yet either. All my acne is coming back too. Makes me feel so awful!

Hope you're doing okay. ♡



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