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First Gyne Appointment

Hi girls,

I hope you will be able to help me.

I have been waiting to see a gyne in the UK for a while for suspected endometriosis due to daily pelvic pain.

Meanwhile, I had an emergency surgery done in France about a month ago as I arrive on holiday in really bad pain.

The surgeon found out that my bowel is longer than usual and was stuck to my left ovary. As well, my bladder was adherent to my uterus. No endometriosis was found. My ovaries were really large and polycystic. I had them drilled and flattened.

I have tomorrow my first appointment with the gyne in the UK that I am suppose to see about endometriosis. I will have to explain everything that happened to him and then try to get answers for my questions about PCOS and fertility.

I don't know lot about PCOS. I have a long list of questions. As well, I want to start trying for a baby in January, so I have lots of questions about that again.

How long does an NHS appointment last? Do you have time to properly explain yourself?

Thanks in advance for your help.


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I will just go straight to the point.

Yes, you have more than enough time to explain yourself, the appointment would not make sense if you left without the expert answering all your questions -- so take your mind off how long it takes (not sure if the procedure you had in France will already be on the NHS system, if it is not, just go straight to the point with regards to explaining your history.

Based on my experience, it might be better for you to say you have already stared trying for a baby, because if you say you will start, then the answer will be, go try for a year or so, if nothing come back ( that is if the examination doesn't find anything extreme).

Please keep in mind that people with PCOS can give birth naturally, I am pregnant with my second and have had it for over 14 years. If you are over weight, start working on it, trying to eat right, try yoga, relax and breath and when the time is right, the baby will come.

Good luck with your appointment and be sure all your queries are answered before you leave. Xx

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