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Gynae appointment advice...


Hello ladies - I finally have a gynae appointment tomorrow to talk about my lack of fertility. We have been ttc for nearly 5 years and ive has 2 mc’s. I’ve been on and off Metformin and I’m hoping to get on clomid. Had PCOS for 6 or so years.

Want to make the most of the appointment as I’ve had lots of appointments in the past and left feeling dismissed and depressed.

Any advice on being heard and being taken seriously, and getting what I want?

Thanks in advance 😘

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Make sure you know all your cycle details and take your partners semen analysis. Go armed with information as that will help them know what is best for you sooner. I hoped to go on clomid but got put on metformin to start with so I would be prepared they may do that first but they scheduled the next appointment to get me on clomid if metformin didn’t work so I knew where I stood.

Good luck! I’m in a very similar situation was started on metformin three months ago by gynae and still not pregnant so want the next appointment to be productive! Keep us posted how it goes. I really want to push for clomid as metformin doesn’t seem to be doing anything.. x

Thank you both- the appointment couldn’t have gone better. The gynae was amazing and has referred me for ivf so me and hubby got to have all the tests and investigations and then begin the new journey! Excited and scared all in one. Going to keep everything crossed 🤞

Pumpkin_soup- be persistent with the gynae to get on clomid or ivf. So many areas are the country are cancelling nhs ivf so check your CCG and see if your area are still funding it!

Good luck all 🤞🤞🤞 Xxx

Great news! 2018 is going to be an exciting year for you! My appointment is on the 29th January so hoping something positive comes from it! X

Thank you x Good luck for your appointment- will keep everything crossed for you Xx

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