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I've got Pcos, me and my husband have been trying for a year and a half after coming off contraception. Had tests done and it was confirmed I have Pcos. I was on chlomid for 3 months and the hospital put me forward for obtain drilling operation. I had that in July and back on the chlomid. I've got one more month of chlomid but not sure if it's worked. It's confirmed I've ovulated last month but no baby yet. Has anyone else suffered with this?

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I too have PCOS and have been ovulating every other month. I just had a test to examine my fulopian tubes and the Doctor said they look fine and patent but I am waiting for my next appointment with my consultant next month. I just want our baby now so I can appreciate how you feel following taking clomid for the time you have been. Just don't give up ☺️


Thanks for the reply, I'm glad i'm not the only one feeling like this!! I am too hoping to get an appointment with my consultant next week to reassess the situation. My consultant said my operation went well and its showing that it has as I've lost weight and am now ovulating, but it feels like its never going to happen. just wish it would hurry up and happen.....waited so long for a family.

Fingers crossed for you x


I am sure it will happen, it's very difficult being patience but unfortunately we get forced to at times lol. It's a waiting game but I wish you all the best x


I very much believe in everything happens for a reason, and having to wait due to PCOS is a very good reason.....just have to think it will all be worth it in the end x

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