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no weight gain from PCOS??

please help!! I have PCOS and was reading posts on here and have noticed most people have weight problems from PCOS. im pretty curvy but slim- I dance 3 times a week and sometimes go on walks an bike rides with my family (only like once a week) I have an alright diet and as you've just read I exercise a lot but never have experienced weight gain from PCOS. is this normal? please comment

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Sorry I didn't reply to you the other day. I used to dance 3 times a week and would stay slim without effort when I was in my teens and twenties. It was only in my thirties when the weight seemed to go one easily but still I am only a size ten, but like I said before I don't really eat much. I wasn't actually diagnosed until I was 37 and that was only because I had an operation due to the endomitriosis. PCOS was never considered as I was always seen as slim.

There isn't anything wrong with you because you are not gaining weight even though you have PCOS, not everyone will suffer the same symptoms.

:o) Xx


ahh okay thankyou so much!! xx


It can honestly go either way--you can either gain weight or have trouble keeping it on. There are plenty of cases where it won't effect your weight at all.

I'm personally struggling to gain weight. I think a woman's curves should be her hips and such, not her rib cage.

As far as I've experienced; whatever weight I lose form surgery, I don't get back, so I want to make sure I pack on what I can if I know I'm going under the knife and make sure I keep form losing as much as I can while I recover.

So long as you're not having health issues from your weight, I don't think you should worry. Do have your doctor check your thyroid if you're worried anyway though; thyroid issues can either cause weight gain or weight loss.

The bigger concern with PCOS in this regard is to be careful about diabetes. As far as I've read, women with PCOS have as much as a 50/50 chance of becoming diabetic. That's usually associated with weight gain, but if the chances increase simply for having PCOS, then it's something to keep an eye on. Even though I am not gaining weight either, I am aware that I may be at higher risk of becoming diabetic regardless of weight thanks to PCOS.

Best of luck to you.


Hello I have pcos and I'm a size 6. It's one of the main side effects of pcos but I no a couple of ppl that are slim with it. I eat terrible, I don't really exercise. So think of it has a good thing. Xx


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