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just been diagnosed with PCOS!

hey im alice im 15 and knew to this site. today I have just been diagnosed with PCOS after a year of suffering with irregular periods and really bad stomach pains. I have been to the doctors several times with suspected appendicitis because the pain was in my right but after blood tests, urine tests and then an ultrasound today, the nurse said I have a polycystic ovary in my right. I have to take a contraceptive pill to regulate my period but that's all they can do right?

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I am currently waiting results of a blood test and a scan date to confirm PCOS so have little experience but noticed you have no replies yet...I have found the NHS site useful for explaining treatment options:



okay thanks so much :) xx


Hello, another thing you can try is changing your diet to help balance your hormones (you could look up e.g. insulin resistance, or see a nutritionist/dietician).

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