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Metformin - PCOS, Endometriosis & TTC

I was diagnosed with PCOS and Endo. 2 laps later & continual daily bleeding led me to become anaemic which resulted in the doctor giving me tablets to stop the bleeding. From then on, no monthly cycle at all despite not having to take tablets anymore resulting In yet another gynaecologist referral. Husband & I are TTC & gyne has put me on Metformin to help induce monthly cycles. Have to take 500mg x 1 a day in the first week & increase daily dose weekly until I am on 500mg x 3 a day. Started taking Metformin on Tuesday 9th Feb & have started getting signs just 2 days of taking the metformin (without going into too much detail) of what appears to be the onset of a monthly although there isn't a lot there. Does this bleed due to taking Met mean I am ovulating or isit just stripping the lining with no ovulation? Please help.

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Hi Brownsy,

Just wondering if anything has changed or if you have learned anything new since you posted this. Hope you are well!


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