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Burning ovaries

Hi there I suffer from endometriosis and pcos. Every week or so I get this stinging sharp pain in the area where my ovaries are. The only way I can describe it is a burning sensation.... its very uncomfortable and can make working very hard so end up taking codeine yo numb the pain a little. Does anyone else get this? I'm thinking it's pcos related rather than endo related as it's a different kind of pain!?!

It's all so confusing


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I used to get a lot of pains and funny sensations with my PCOS, but they seemed to calm down when I had my daughter. Due to a blood clotting problem I have, I was also advised to have the coil fitted instead of taking oral contraceptives. This has made a big improvement to my symptoms too!! Hope you find something that works for you x


It possibly may be ovulation pain - the follicles are bursting open, releasing fluid and blood which irritates the surrounding tissue in your abdomen. Traxemic acid may be a suitable pain killer - will be worth seeing your nurse practitioner or GP about this.


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