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sweet potato and cauliflower curry tonight


I wanted to use up the remaining cauliflower from my veg box, so made it into a curry with sweet potatoes.

A few notes on the recipe in case of interest:

I started by finely chopping the cauliflower up in a blender and leaving it to stand for an hour to promote sulforaphane formation.

I cook without added oil, so base was made by dry frying onions and garlic.

Red onions used as the darker color indicates more phytonutrients than white.

Plenty of pepper to help with turmeric absorption (the pepper was actually included in the curry power which i make myself)

I liquidized the tomatoes from the tin before adding, as I like the resulting texture.

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Looks lovely Benwl. Thanks for those tips you gave us. I never knew that leaving cauliflower to stand increased the Sulforaphane or about the pepper and the turmeric . it sounds quite easy to make too for someone like me who is not a great vegetable cook. thanks for sharing. love grace xoxo

benwlVolunteer in reply to grace111

Thanks Grace. I'm not a great cook, but when I started eating more healthily I went from cooking about once a month to every day :)

There's a good article on sulforaphane and cooking broccoli and other crucifers here which is where I got the idea from


grace111 in reply to benwl

Thanks benwl i will read that now and also copy it to my computer to that i can access it again. xoxo

grace111 in reply to benwl

thanks again for that i'v just subscribed to his videos and have bookmarked his website. im going back now for a look. very helpfull indeed benwl.


Sounds great. I could eat that right now. I didn’t know that about cauliflower either! Curried cauliflower is so tasty!


Ooh yummy, I love curry😀

benwl, that looks amazing!! Will you share your recipe?

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