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Gluten free Vegan apple slice with seeded top 🍎

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Hi everyone, here's an apple slice I made with 8 med Bramley apples sultanas, raisins and chia seeds for the filling.

The topping is quinoa flour with plain gluten free flour chia seeds sesame seeds pumpkin seeds total 225g with 50g coconut sugar and I added olive oil until it was like bread crumbs, then I spread it on top of the fruit and put flaked almonds and linseeds on top before baking.

I love using chia seeds with fruit and they swell up with the fruit juices and make it really smooth I also add sesame seeds to bread and other baked goods as I really like them as they're so neat and crunchy. But they also pack a punch when it comes to calcium so I'm up for some of that.

I had it with Alpro single cream and it hit the mark. 😊

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That looks very tasty Jerry! I bet it tastes as good as it looks....I love your tip regarding the chia seeds. I have made some vanilla cashew cream this evening which I am yet to try which was a tip I received as a reply from my vegan cashew milk post. πŸ™‚

JerryGuest in reply to Agoodenough

Thank Ali, I enjoy my food and I look forward to seeing your cashew cream as I love cashew nuts. 😊


You're right about chai seeds swelling, just like quinoa.

JerryGuest in reply to andyswarbs

Hi Andy, chia seeds absorb 10x their volume in water so are a natural thickener. 😊


Thanks Elliott, I enjoyed it too 😊

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