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Gluten Free Vegan Apple Slice 🍎 with Coconut Butter and Coconut sugar.

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Hi folks,

Here's an apple tray bake that I've just made. I used plain gluten free flour, coconut butter and coconut sugar for the topping plus flaked almonds, for the filling I used 1Kg of Bramley apples with a handful of currants and sultana's a little cinnamon some chia seeds with the fruit. this thickens it as the chia seeds absorb a lot of moisture.

Coconut sugar feeds prebiotics in our gut so is a good alternative to sugar, making this a wholesome treat which shows that free from foods can still hit the mark.

And I added some soy cream just to top it off...😊

8 Replies

That looks fantastic Jerry, can I just ask where you buy your coconut sugar from and soya cream? I have not seen them in the health shops or supermarket.

I am going to have to bake some of those : >

JerryGuest in reply to Kitten-whiskers

Hi Debs, thank you.

Tesco's sell Alpro soy cream in the Free from aisle and they sell coconut sugar and thats with their other sugars.

Sainsbury's sell them too but I've a 24hour Tesco's less than 1 and 1/2 miles from me. 😊

Kitten-whiskersAdministrator in reply to Jerry

Excellent Jerry, I never go down the sugar isle so that makes sense that i didn't see that but I had a look in Tesco and they don't stock the cream, which is a shame.

I will keep a look out when I am out and about

Best wishes


This looks really good, Jerry! When I have a free minute, I will try and do this for a little after dinner idea. I love apples. :-)

JerryGuest in reply to Activity2004

Thanks Leah, I love apples and stewed apples in a desert are a firm favourite of mine and as whole some as possible. 😊

Jerry all your foods look amazing I think you should open a restaurant and you could hire me to test the food lol can I ask how long have you been vegan I did it for a month after my son said I should give it a go but couldn’t keep it up anyway keep posting that deli out food although I must say it’s making me hungry πŸ˜‹

JerryGuest in reply to Grannysqua

Hey Grannysqua that is such a lovely thing to say so thank you. πŸ™ It is very much appreciated.

I am not a vegan I just have a healthy interest in a plant based diet πŸ˜€

Sorry that was supposed to say delicious food πŸ€ͺ

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