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I was diagnosed with WG in June 2010 and have Mononeuritis Multiplex secondary to WG,

I have been told that the nerves may regenerate or they may not.

Has anyone got this problem and can shed some light on what to expect from this, will I get the feeling back?

It has affected my left lower arm, left thigh (to just below the knee) and also the heel of my left foot.

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Hi Ulysses

I've checked up on Mononeuritis Multiplex and it seems to be the same as or similar to peripheral neuropathy. From what I've read there are a number of WG patients (and other vasculitis patients) who suffer from peripheral neuropathy. Hopefully some of them may be able to respond in due course.




I too have suffered with this. I lost the feeling in my left lower leg with drop foot. It also affects my left arm and hand sometimes. The feeling and function usually comes back over time but it can take weeks and sometimes months. In the meantime you need to protect the areas affected. Eg with feet always wear shoes, be careful not to bang your toes, be careful cutting nails, be careful you don't overstrech tendons and ligaments etc. Check each evening As the area recovers you might feel a burning sensation or pins and needles.

Hope this helps. If you have any other concerns about it that I haven't covered. Please feel free to ask.

Hope you make a full recovery swiftly

All the best for 2012



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