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A warming tale

Totally unbeknown to me until yesterday, my 10yo daughter and her 2 best friends, 1 of which whose father has recently had testicular cancer, have been busy plotting. Between them, they have been to the head mistress at school and have arranged cake sales every other Friday until the end of the school year. They have decided to share the takings between cancer research and my Walk the Worcestershire Way effort in June.

I am so proud and humbled by them!

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You must be so proud It is truly lovely when young children do such heartwarming events on their own So glad that the school is encouraging them Now you just have to bake .Can I give you a little tip which often helped me .If you bake twice as many scones ,buns etc put half in the freezer so a day you do not feel up to it you can take them out and your daughter can still take in her cakes etc. Of course at 10 she probably helps you loads anyway Good Luck happy baking and stay well


This is wonderful Martyn. Children sometimes surprise you and it is lovely when they do :-) Hope the baking goes well!!


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