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Does anyone take antihistamines

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LynneJVasculitis UK

I have become sensitive to all sorts of things. Mainly perfumes and believe it or not Toothpaste.

I am going to the theatre on Weds. and wondered if it would be better to take them for a few days before to get a build up or as I usually do when I go to the hairdresser just take the one.

One is slightly effective but it doesn't really matter in the hairdresser. (I can always go to the door)

I am concerned about the perfumes and those horrible smells they put in the air conditioning.



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lisa-ranyellVasculitis UK

Hi Lynne

I have used antihistamines since childhood due to pet and dust allergies ( not daily!) and I don't think there is any benefit to taking them for days beforehand as each tablet just works in isolation and they don't really have a cumulative effect. I would take one of the 1 a day non-drowsy variety a couple of hours before theatre and that should see you through

Lisa x

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LynneJVasculitis UK in reply to lisa-ranyell

Thanks Lisa. I haven't taken them much.I wasn't sure how they worked.

I hate taking anything but needs must.

Lynne x

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Hi Lynne.

I took Loratadine for my Urticarial rash when I was first diagnosed and flaring. But it was as a daily dose rather than in a one off preventative or reactive way. Sorry, not much help but Lisa's suggestion sounds good and worth a try.

Just a thought though. Have you mentioned your sensitivity to these things to your consultant ? Might be worth running it past them if not.



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LynneJVasculitis UK in reply to RichardE

Thanks Richard

I probably should. Bit of ostrich syndrome!

Due for blood test 21st.

So might see what it says. It had been worse this week. Need to get out mote

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RichardEVolunteer in reply to LynneJ

Arf, we've all done it :) But I would mention it, even if only to your GP. They may well have a better suggestion for dealing with it.

All the best for the bloods on the 21st,


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LynneJVasculitis UK

Sorry more.!!

I do. I was given them by a Dr. Was a bit dubious at first but I didn't have any side effects. I don't take them on a regular basis tho; maybe twice a year.

Hi lynne I suffer from CS and take antihistamines on a daily basis. I seem to be allergic to all kinds of things including perfumes, air conditioning and some types of wine and used to have lots of bad sneezing fits. The antihistamines are cetirizine hydrochloride - which are just over the counter tablets - but my doctor suggested I take them and prescribes them and they seem to help most of the time. I used to get a really sore nose with allergies and seem like I always had a bad cold. A hospital consultant told me it is related to my condition.

I take antihistamine daily and have done for over 20 years when I was prescribed them the immunologist said to take them daily to damp down the immune system and when ever I have an attack I take an extra dose. I have the prescription only antihistamine which is stronger than the over the counter types and it also allows the Drs to see what might interact with all the other drugs I take.

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LynneJVasculitis UK

Thanks everyone.

I am thinking I might need to take them more often. I just wasn't sure how they worked.... It is a nuisance being sensitive to a lot of things. Like Katie I also am allergic to wine. I get a terrible coughing fit if I drink it on its own. I can drink a bit with a meal. I did read that it is the preservatives in it that cause an allergic reaction. I have to keep altering my toothpaste as well. Then I can go back to it.....Perfume is terrible......... Who knows what happens to us.........All sorts of silly things that you don't realise may be connected.

Thanks again

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