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Losartron medication


Hi. My new nephrologist (I’ve relocated) has taken me off Ramipril and put me on Losartron, 50 mg.

Is anyone else on this? He said there are over 400 Vasculitis patients at his clinic and the majority are on it. Does anyone else take this? And is anyone based in Poole, Dorset? Take care all x

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Actually Webby, in answer to your question, NO.... Never heard of it! I have however just Looked It Up, and it is.... Is a 'Medication To Treat High Blood Pressure, Diabetic Kidney Disease and Ventricular Enlargement'.... According to Google.

So yes, I suppose, it Could Be an 'alternative' to Ramipril. Perhaps if I remember, by the time I see him, I'll ask my Consultant about this. I, really do, Value his Opinions so I will be Guided by him. Dr Andi is the 'kind' of Consultant, who lets me- and my Mother- see the same Screen, as he does, so Nothing is Hidden'. He will always Finish with 'Any questions'? Should I, or indeed my Mother- who always accompanies me (she Drives)- should ask Anything, then Dr Andi, will answer these.... Always in a Friendly, and kind, way.

Sorry that I couldn't be more 'Help' Webbyj


Webbyj in reply to AndrewT

Hi thanks for your reply. I had looked it up and my consultant did tell me that it would better as it protects the kidneys. It mentions as a very side effect that it can cause vasculitis! However he has assured me that it’s safe to take. Just wondered if anyone else has any experience? All thoughts and comments are welcome


I’ve been on it for years. Initially I tried one of the -pril drugs, but that gave me the bad ACE inhibitor cough that some people do. My GP switched me to Losartan, which I take with no side effects, and controls my blood pressure well.

Some months later my Dad mentioned his sister was switching medicine. From the same -pril drug I’d had trouble with to Losartan. For exactly the same reasons as me! I guess our genes may have caused a similar response.

But yup, Losartan works great for me. It’s a more expensive type of drug, so medics don’t like to prescribe it unless the -pril type is unsuitable for some reason.

Webbyj in reply to vivdunstan

Thanks great to hear thanks. Started it today so I’ll see how it goes! 😀

SandieB in reply to Webbyj

Hi i have been on it a few years now as when on Ramapril i had a persistent cough, no side effects. Take care and stay safe

I am on it, with no issues at all. Couldn’t take ramipril as intolerant

Webbyj in reply to Clay6852

Thank you. I’m on day 2 now so fingers crossed!

I take Losartan 50 mg, along with my Methotrexate 20mg and Folic acid 5mg.Ive limited GPA but im in Sussex

I am on Losartan since March and have had no issues with it... My blood pressure is always normal since been on it. I have EGPA..

Was there a reason for changing BP meds? I am currently on Ramipril, which rheumatologist seemed happy for me to in back on to when my BP went back up. My mother takes Losartron without issues, having had side effects with other BP meds.

Webbyj in reply to Sparkypatrick

Basically because of the associated cough! So far so good with Losartan.

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