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Route Map,

I have just returned from seeing my consultant Dermatologist at my local hospital and during our " little chat " I mentioned Vasculitis UK Route Map, and he was extremely interested ,as he says they have a number of Vasculitis patients but still know very little about it. I asked if he would like to have a copy, and he was very pleased to have been asked and would love to have a copy, as they have nothing like that in clinic, So how do I go about getting one for the clinic, I can either take it in or if preffered it can be sent direct. If there is a charge I will pay ( I already have a copy for myself but would not want to part with that ) advise please.

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Hi Jack

That's good.

We can send one to you and you can take it and hand it to your consultant - probably better than it getting lost in the clinic and never finding the proper recipient.

After the Masterclass on Wednesday all of copies of the Route Map have gone. It will be going for re-printing next week.

For GPs or consultants we don't charge as we hope that this will help raise awareness amongst those members of the medical profession who don't know about vasculitis.

If you private message me your name and address I'll put you down for a RM just as soon as they are re-printed.



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