DLA Appeal almost here

I have stuck to my guns and pushed ahead for an appeal, which I have got next Wednesday.

I have got a lady to accompany me from my local council welfare rights office.

I am feeling both depressed and wondering if I am doing the right thing, as I dont want to be wasting anyones time. I cannot do what I used to do and my wife helps me a lot. Does anyone else feel in the same situation? An support or help would be appreciated.

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  • I think every one must feel as you do as it must be nerve wracking. But you have done the right thing and are not wasting anyones time.

    Be sure to tell them how you feel at your worst and how much help you need.

    Good luck, I hope it all goes well for you. Please let us know the outcome.


  • Hi Lynne thanks for your support I went yesterday and was awarded DLA for two years, It was very thorough and at times quite upsetting for me and my wife, but we got through it. Thanks for your support.

  • wishing you good luck. email John & Susan and ask for the benefits & work info.

    stick to those guns and tell them how it is.

    make notes of the bullet points you want them to hear - it's ok to use notes.

    you're bound to be anxious but you are not wasting anyone's time.

    let us know how you get on.



  • I went yesterday to the tribunal and was awarded DLA, the high rate for mobility and the low rate for care. I am glad I went, but I found it very thorough and quite upsetting. Their was a panel of three and also a person from Department of work and pensions also sitting in. I am glad its over, thanks for your support.

  • great news!,



  • I could send you some advice and documents that may help ... if you let me have your email..longbank..that is if I have not already sent some to you... it is a bit difficult recognising everyone with their HU names.. hope it goes well for you...

    all the best


  • Hi Susan, thanks for your support & help. I went yesterday and was awarded DLA at the tribunal for 2 years. There was three on the panel and also a gentleman from Department of works & pensions also making notes. Thanks again for your support.

  • Good luck with your appeal. I was in the same position as you I was refused DLA I then appealed and got refused again so took it to a tribunal. It was not a very nice experience but a very necessary process to go through. The tribunal panel awarded me DLA am now just waiting to be confirmed from Works and pensions as they can still appeal against the decision within 4 weeks of hearing. I took along a gentleman from the benefits agency who was very helpful and my daughter for moral support however I was the one who had to put my case forward and answer their questions its you they want to hear from on how your disabilities affect you. Don't give in fight your corner.

  • Thanks for your kind reply. I have got a tribunal on wednesday, like you had. I named it an appeal because I think their decision was wrong. I will fight my corner because its only me thats struggling.

  • Dear Longbank,

    Good luck, with your apeal, as most have said. I haven't been 're-assessed (is that right??) yet. AlthoughI I did have to apeal, when I was first awarded DLA. Seems like if you don't 'jump up and down' , a bit, you don't get anywhere! Please do let me (us all) know how you get on will you?

    Good luck anyway


  • Hi Andrew, thanks for your support. I was awarded DLA yesterday at the tribunal. Glad its all over.

  • good luck.hope all goes well today

  • It all went well, got awarded DLA, Thanks for your support.

  • I went to the appeal today, or should I say the Tribunal, I was awarded the high rate for mobility & the lower rate for care. Thanks everyone for your support.

  • really pleased for you,i think half the time they just reject the initial application,hoping you wont appeal.

    unfortunately a lot of people dont appeal ,or get the right advice

    once again,i am pleased for you

  • Glad your appeal was sucessful(that isn't spelt right is it??). Thanks for letting me (us all) know. Great news.


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