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Dear all, Has anyone else had problems renewing their Disabled Parking Permit. AndrewT

I had to have an assesment, which I 'passed'. I then had to pay and, despite verious assurances, I'm still waiting; two months later! Essex, and Birminghan, are the only ares that have NOT managed to deal with this issue it seems; according to the radio, is this right?

I'd be interested to hear other people's experiewnces/views on this.

Many thanks


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I'm in cheshire and renewed while I was appealing dla so needed my gp to fill in a form. It only took 4 weeks. good luck.


I'm in Oxfordshire, they sent a reminder two months before renewal together with forms, literature about the new scheme,etc, and asked for prompt application owing to the new system taking longer processing time. Did as asked and in return they sent advice notes of having my application, then later confirmation that it was OK and the the badge would come in time.. which it did.


I renewed recently without problem. first application took about a week after the initial medical assessment. Perhaps you could contact them and find out why the delay?

Good luck and all the best.


Dear all,

I have finally actually had my pass through!! I didn't believe it myself, at first, but it's true!!

Thanks for the support anyway.......Good luck to anyone else, in this position.

Andrew T


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