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Does anyone else have a problem with fluorescent lighting?

Hello All

I have for a long time noticed that the type of fluorescent lighting in shops and hospitals instantly makes me dizzy, I notice it as soon as I walk in, feel like I can't walk in a straight line and in shops feel thank goodness for trolleys for something to hold on to. I have recently increased my hours at work and the lights in my workplace aren't as strong as supermarkets for example but I am leaving each day now feeling dizzy and then develop headaches each evening. I keep the lights off above my desk but can't avoid all of them and wonder also if sitting facing a computer screen most of the day is causing the same effect?

Can anyone identify with this?

Many Thanks


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Hi Jenny

I have always had a problem with lighting in supermarkets, even before diagnosis. I used to feel better in the summer when I had sunglasses on. I also don't like the brightness of the snow. I can't help with what cause it though, Have you had your eyes tested lately?

Perhaps you could get some glasses that would help with the computer.

Just a thought.

Take care



I have tremendous problems with the modern flourescent type - mainly, their short life span? Recently been upgrading to the LED varieties which many local stores seem reluctant to sell as they have a very long life. If you shop arround, you can get them in all the 'old' fittings - ES, SES, BC and SBC. I'd suggest you try a couple. They are available in a wide variety of 'warmths' and colours. Hope this is of some help.

Now, smelly supermarket washing powdder aisles, there's one to avoid. Affects my eyes and breathing.


Hi Jenny,

I too have problems with fluorescent lighting and find that it makes me nauseous, dizzy and gives me a headache. Bright lights/sunshine can also sometimes have that effect. and when I am feeling bad I have to use the computer or watch TV with sunglasses on with the curtains drawn.

I have changed some of my bulbs for dimmerble LED bulbs, so that I can turn them down when I am having a bad day. I still have fluorescent lighting in my garage, but will change those soon. As currently I can spend no more then 5 minutes with them on.

Take care


Thanks for your replies, I'm sure there is a link, when I have had my worse phases its been a real problem and when I'm feeling well not so bad. I haven't been feeling too good in the last couple of weeks and its becoming a problem again. In the summer I have also noticed the sun has the same effect. I don't have CNS vasculitis but have CNS inflammation causing neurological symptoms.

Thanks for the tip on the LED lights, I will look into that.




I have lupus, the lights bother me really bad too, even at the dr.'s office they do, I had to turn off the lights today at the dr's office lol to just get thru the consult.


i have same problem never before did i think it was light that make me feel sick but it was every time i go shopping to IKEA i get sick in 5 min after walking in...

and if we go for diner day time i am ok but if we go same place night time and when lights are on i get sick as soon as we walk in..

told my doc about it but they dont have clue


I just had the same problem at the ikea in Nottingham near the exit! It has happened twice before in my life in 2 different stores. It must be the frequency of the lights.

As soon as I was from the exit I felt better and was fully recovered in a couple of minutes


I’m allergic to Ikea! I feel so I’ll when I leave. Googled it and it’s a thing! Lasts the whole evening when I’m home too!


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