Slimming World Magazine Aug/Sep

I read the above and saw that it featured an article on "Couple of the Year". A husband and wife lost approx 15 stone between them based on diet and exercise. The wife had been diagnosed with Churg Struss in 2005 and had lung complications and gained a lot of weight. She felt constant hunger due to medication and steroids but has managed to lose a lot of weight. I found it quite motivating to read their story. I think we have all been there with the weight gain and not being able to exercise due to illness.


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  • is this the story Sue? Third story down :-)

  • Yes this is the story. Unfortunately you can't read the story from the link, I have tried.

    My daughter bought the magazine as she went to school with the cover girl who is one of triplets!

  • tried the link thank you for sharing it... :-)

  • One for the shopping basket

  • I bought the mag yesterday. What an amazing transformation.


  • I would recommend Slimming World. I lost 4 and half stone with them before I became ill. Then I put a stone on with the pred, went back when I felt better and have lost it plus. It is not a diet as such and trains you how to eat healthly and everyone is so supportive as they understand the misery of putting on weight. It is the only 'diet' I felt I could stay on for life. They have really yummy recipes too.

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